Finding Ancient Egyptian Curiosities in Niagara Falls

Located on the US-Canada border about a 1.5 hour drive from Toronto, Niagara Falls has become a well-visited tourist destination for anyone coming to Canada`s largest city. Last week, Hannah and I decided on a whim to spend a night in the city with its majestic falls. For Egyptologists, of course, Niagara holds special significance as the mummy of Ramesses I used to call the city home for over 100 years (1). He ‘lived’ in the Niagara Falls Museum until late 1999, when the Egyptian collection of the museum was purchased to become part of the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. The mummy would eventually be returned to Egypt to great pomp and circumstance. Niagara lost perhaps its most famous resident…

Looking at the Interior at the museum from the late 19th century (Niagara Falls Museum)
Looking at the Interior at the museum from the late 19th century (Niagara Falls Museum)

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Rekindling my Passion for Ancient Egypt in Vancouver

I have just returned from a two week trip to Vancouver, where I visited my family and celebrated my mom’s sweet 60th birthday. It is hard to believe that it has been three years now that Hannah and I moved to Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Flying back to Vancouver was not only a great chance to meet up with family and friends, but I also decided to rekindle my passion for Egyptology in Vancouver.

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Atlanta Calling: Roadtrip to meet Ancient Egypt

It’s time to pack out my Jack’s Mannequin CDs and get the car ready for the road. To the tune of Howard Day’s Collide and in the company of two colleagues from my department, I am embarking on a 15 hour journey down to Atlanta, Georgia. We will be off to the annual conference of the American Research Center in Egypt, which is going to run for three days. Nevertheless,  it is going to be an adventure.

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Back in the Blogfold!

After months of preparing for my comprehensive exams, I have hit half-way with my doctoral programme here at UofT. It has been quite a ride and it won’t subside any time soon. Yet, there are many exciting adventures that are coming this summer and I hope to write on them. From various lectures on Egypt to road trips to see museum collections, these are just some of the things that are coming up. Stay tuned!

The Temple to Diana at Évora, Portugal