Verdi’s Aïda in a Community Opera Production

Last weekend we had the pleasure of getting tickets to the production of Aïda put on by the Opera by Request opera company in Toronto. Andrea Naccarato, one of our friends, sang the role of high priestess, so we had to attend (and what a pleasure it was)! Aïda is perhaps one of the grandest operas to be staged and, set in ancient Egypt, how could I not be excited?

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‘Isis and Osiris’ Opera World Premiere

We think of ancient Egypt and images of the pyramids, the sphinx, and giant temples rush to mind. Columns still resting as if only having been put up yesteryear tell us of the grandeur of a past civilization. Opera, in this context, is perhaps a musical art form that best is suited to bring ancient Egypt alive. We are all familiar with Radames and the larger-than-life march in Verdi’s Aïda and can also recall the trials Tamino had to endure in Mozart’s Zauberflöte. This is why it’s a special occasion to be able to witness the world premiere of a new Canadian opera set in ancient Egypt: Isis and Osiris: Gods of Egypt.

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